The Holy Eucharist, more reasonable than you think…

Jesus is Yummy in my Tummy

So for the sake of this essay, I am going to assume that there are two types of people in the world today: Those who believe in the Real Presence of Christ on the altar, and those who don’t 🤨. Which one are you?

For those who don’t, I’ll just assume that you are a complete atheist whose only concern is with material realities. Now if that is you or not you, rest assured we will still assume that you are a good person. Fun fact, we hold a philios affinity for y’all 😁.

Cool, lets begin. My outline is as follows:

Show a reasonable argument for each of the following:

God’s existence

The Trinity

The Encarnation

The Eucharist

The Catholic Church

Sacred Scripture

Now I will also ask the reader to make the following decision: When confronted with two uncertain beliefs, chose the smaller leap of faith.

Okay so we all know and hold an eros love for material realities. In fact you’re probably reading this immaterial reality of an essay on a material object -perhaps maybe a billboard. In anycase, immaterial realities clearly exist. Consider the virtues. Many of us or at least some of us, experience love in various forms. We can’t measure it, but we recognize love when we see it or experience it. Likewise with all the other virtues, consider also humity and fortitude.

So these immaterial realities exist, and they bind the material space -not the other way around. What do I mean? Material realities are finite across at least one dimension. Most often they are finite with respect to time. Material realities also exist within a finite number of dimensions. Immaterial realities on the other hand exist across an infinite number of dimensions and at any given moment are infinite in magnitude.

We don’t experience pure, infinite, unfettered virtue of any kind. We can’t, our heads would explode -literally. How do you fit a Pure and Infinite Intellect into a finite reservoir? Sidenote, the brain at any moment has infinite storage capacity. However, the rate of learning is finite, and after some finite amount of time, the brain will die.

Beyond our material existence, there exist beyond the horizon of our consciousness the pure and unfettered manesfestation of these virtues. The virtues must be infinite in magnitude at any moment and exploding at an infinite rate towards infinity. Consider this, a being that pauses on growth in humility undercuts its own humility. It’s arrogant for one to say, “I don’t need to be more humble, I’m good…” Likewise, one who declines to challenge oneself and grow in fortitude is chickening out. So perfect humility is growing and its growing infinitely fast.

A lower bound for the growth rate for a given virtue like humility is as follows:

Let the above expression equal f(x). Every x is simply raised to an x for all infinity, and each x approaches infinity. Fun fact, according to Euler the above function converges if and only if e^(e)xe^(1/e). Don’t ask me why this is true, I have no idea how Euler could have possibly figured this out. All I know is that math is sometimes so beautiful that I want to throw up when I see it. 🤮🤓

Also we can see that the material is a subset of the immaterial.

Immaterial ⊆ Material.

For example: A Pure Intellect begets the natural world, not the other way around.

Okay so we can say there exist infinite Love, Humility, Wisdom, etc. Lets call the total summations of all these virtues God.

So cool, God the Father is progenitor. But how can Love exist in a solitary being? Before God moved creation into existence, He would have been alone for all eternity. How can Love exist in a solitary Being? Therefore God must be a multitude of Persons. However, two Persons is insufficent. If one person is growing in humility and stops to notice one’s own progress, that individual undercuts one’s own humility. If two people are interacting and growing in humility within their mutual relationship and one of the parties notices their progress, then that observer undercuts the growth of humility. Yet if a third party observes and notes the growth in humility, humility is preserved.

The Trinity is probably limited to three for the sake of simplicity, which is a virtue of God. So The Holy Spirit is crucial for the sake of proper identity. For example, the apostles discover their true identities on Pentecost.

Now Christ is necessary, because He validates and proves the reality of Virtue. God is Virtue, but to prove His own existence, He has to suffer and perform virtuously with limitations on resources. A person can’t demonstate self-discipline without experiencing hunger. In order to experience hunger, one must exist in material space. Christ must be God and have a phyisical body. His Passion validates the existence of Pure, Infinite Love.

Okay, but what about the Eucharist? There are different ways to approach this. Now if there is no Eucharist, what do the saints and angels eat in heaven? What better meal is there than Christ Himself, and why would God hold out and be stingy with his people? Is God not Infinitely Generous? How do the Children of God nourish their bodies and souls -if not with God through Christ? Now Christ is one Person with a body and a soul. We must receive Christ, so to nourish ourselves. When we eat Christ, we get the full package: body and soul, and both body and soul comprise Christ.

The Catholic Church is necessary for humans. We need priest to operate in the Person of Christ and administer the sacraments. We need a community of believers who can pass on the Faith and determine what is True across time and space. The Catholic Church can also trace its lineage back to St. Peter. aka Senor Rocky.

Finally once the Church and Mystical Body of Christ was established, it cultivated a collection of Wise Writings so to guide the Faithful here on Earth. We call this The Book aka The Bible. And I would claim that the Bible is True at least in the following way: It instructs the reader how to survive, thrive, and build wealth (in more ways than one) under very difficult circumstances. To validate the last claim, one must read the Scripures and apply the lessons accordingly in life.

Anyway, I think that’s it. Quod Erat Demonstrandum 🥳 .

i strive to constantly increase in humility